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Cube Móvil is a new virtual mobile network for Spain offering prepaid SIM cards and great value plans.Take a look at all our plans

Registering and activating your Cube Móvil SIM is very simple. First, you will need to have requested a Cube Móvil SIM card and purchased a plan online or in store. Once your SIM card has arrived, you can complete the registration process.

You will need a smartphone.

Activate your Cube Móvil SIM
  1. Go to
  2. You must have received your Cube Móvil SIM card to register and activate it.
  3. Enter your SIM card details. You will find your 8-digit PUK code on your SIM card. And the ICCID is the 20-digit barcode printed on your SIM card.
  4. Next, enter your personal details: first name, first surname, second surname, email address, and contact number (with country code, minus the ‘+’; for example, 34 for Spain). You must also tell us if you are a Spanish citizen, and select the form of identification you’d like to us to verify your information (eg Passport, National Identity Card, Foreigner Identity Number, etc). Select ‘Start registration’ to begin.
  5. If you are registering from a smartphone: follow the steps as prompted.

    If you are registering from a computer: when instructed, switch to your smartphone. The QR code should automatically begin the next stage of the registration process – if it doesn’t, copy the link displayed into your mobile web browser.

    !Do not refresh your computer’s web browser while continuing the registration process on your smartphone.

  6. Next, take photos of your chosen identity document as you are prompted to do. Finally, take a portrait photo of your face. Check and confirm your uploads.
  7. Review the details you have provided. If there is anything you need to change, choose Redo. Otherwise, submit your details for verification. Verification is usually completed in a few seconds, but may take a few minutes. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Once your verification is complete, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email with your Cube Móvil number and account password.

Note: Once you have completed the process and received your confirmation email, if you have difficulties logging into the Cube Móvil website, please contact CustomerService

Before using your Cube Móvil SIM, you must have completed the registration process and received your confirmation email.

Once you have registered, activating your Cube Móvil SIM is simple.

  1. Turn your handset off.
  2. Insert your Cube Móvil SIM into your handset’s SIM cardholder.
  3. Restart your handset. Wait a few minutes or so until a signal is established.

Presto! Enjoy opening up your world with Cube Móvil.

If you have not yet purchased a plan or top-up, call 3333 or purchase the product you are most interested in at

If you are having problems activating your Cube Móvil SIM, please contact CustomerService

Firstly, please make sure you have enough credit to send text messages.

You can check your balance by sending the SMS BAL to 5050, free from your Cube Móvil.

If you still can’t send/receive text messages, please check the Message Centre Number (MCN) in your SMS settings – it should be +34 621 100 420 for Cube Móvil.

If you see a different number, enter +34 621 100 420 and turn your handset off and on. Then, retry sending any unsent text messages.

If the problem continues, please contact  Customer Service

If you’re having problems getting connected, need to discuss your bill, want to cancel, or anything else, please get in touch with our Customer Service team

You can view your Cube Móvil number by sending the SMS NUM to 5050, free from your Cube Móvil. You will a message with your mobile number.

The quickest way to top-up your balance is on our website. Visit the Top-up page for more.

To top-up directly from your handset, dial 3333 and follow the instructions.

If you’re looking for more value, see our full range of plans online here

You can top-up your Cube Móvil credit from another phone, or while you are abroad: dial +34 621 153 333 and follow the instructions.

You can also top-up your SIM card or purchase a new plan from any of our retail partners. Cube Móvil is also available at many kiosks throughout the country.

Auto top-up is the best way to always stay connected to your friends and family without running out of credit.

To enabled auto top-up on your Cube Móvil account:

  1. First, complete one successful top-up with your debit or credit card
  2. Then, go to the Cube Móvil website and log into My account
  3. Choose Auto pay
  4. Switch on Enable auto top-up
  5. Select your top-up amount and frequency and clickSave.

That’s it. When your credit falls below the minimum balance you have selected your SIM will automatically be topped up with the credit amount you have chosen.

Auto-renewal is the easiest way to continue your plan and stay connected to your friends and family.

When auto-renewal is enabled, Cube Móvil will automatically renew your plan on your monthly renewal date. This means you won’t have to manually renew your plan, and you can stay in touch with your family and friends without worrying about being disconnected.

Auto-renewal should be active on your plan, if you accepted the default settings when you started your Cube Móvil plan.

To enabled auto-renewal on your Cube Móvil account, or check if it is enabled:

  1. Go to the Cube Móvil website and log into My account
  2. Choose Plan
  3. Scroll to Payment auto-renewal and switch it On

You can switch off auto-renewal at any time.

The new Cube Móvil app is the most accessible way to manage your Cube Móvil account. You can check your balance, buy plans or credit, browse rates to call abroad, view your transaction history, and make secure payments. All on the go. And it’s free!

You can download the Cube Móvil app today from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

All modern handsets should be compatible with Cube Móvil. We use the internationally recognised GSM standard, which has been adopted by all the major handset and smartphone manufacturers.

There are no other restrictions on the type of handset you can use with Cube Móvil.

If you are unsure if your handset is supported, please call our Customer Service team

You can select the language to be used for your Cube Móvil voicemail and top-up service. To select your preferred language: dial >3333 (or +34 621 153 333 while aboard) and follow the instructions.

To choose your preferred language via Cube Móvil website or mobile app:

  1. Log into My account
  2. Choose the Profile tab
  3. Under the Preferred language field, use the dropdown menu to select your preferred language

If you do not use your SIM Card to make a voice call, or send a message or data, or if you do not purchase a top-up using the Top-Up Services, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date Account was registered or activated or from your last use of the Services (whichever is later), Cube Móvil will contact you by SMS or e-mail notifying you that your SIM Card will be deactivated. Cube Móvil will then provide you with an additional thirty (30) days to make a voice call, send a message or data, or purchase a top-up using the Top-Up Services.

If you make a voice call, send a message or data, or purchase a top-up using the Top-Up Services within the additional thirty (30) day period, your SIM Card will remain active. Any previous credit balance in your Account will remain available for its use, and you will be able to access and use the Services.

If you do not make a voice call, send a message or data, or purchase a top-up using the Top-Up Services within the additional thirty (30) day period, your SIM Card will be deactivated. If the SIM Card is deactivated, your specific telephone number will be reallocated to another Customer, you will not be able to access or use the Services, and you will not be entitled to a refund of any credit balance in your Account.

Calls and messaging

Your Cube Móvil voicemail service is automatically activated when you receive your SIM card.

Using your Cube Móvil voicemail, you can:

  1. Listen to messages left for you
  2. Record a welcome message so callers can recognise you
  3. Personalise your voicemail settings
  4. Choose your preferred language

To access your voicemail from your Cube Móvil in Spain, dial 3331.

To access your voicemail while abroad, dial +34 621 153 331 and follow the instructions.

You can access your Cube Móvil voicemail free of charge.

You can access your Cube Móvil voicemail free of charge.

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer calls or texts to premium numbers in Spain.

No. Under our terms and conditions, Cube Móvil has the right to restrict or prevent access to certain websites and services over its network.

At present Cube Móvil does not allow the use of VoIP services over our data network. This will not prevent you from accessing such services via any available Wi-Fi connection.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop unwanted texts or spam messages from being sent to you.

If you receive an unsolicited message or call that seems suspicious to you, you should trust your judgement and not respond to it.

International calls, messages and data roaming

You can make international calls with Cube Móvil in the same way as other mobile networks or fixed line phones.

To call an international number from Mexico, you must enter: the international call prefix (+), the country dialling code, and then the area code and/or subscriber number.

For example, to call a mobile number in the United Kingdom from Spain, you would enter: the international call prefix (00 or +) + the country dialling code (44) + the subscriber number (xxxx xxxxxx). All together that’s: +44 xxxx xxxxxx

Note: most premium voice and text services in other countries cannot be reached from a mobile phone service when calling from outside that country.

At launch, Cube Móvil is not offering EU roaming with its plans. We are working to make this possible in future.

Account and billing

To view your latest bill, or previous bills, first log in to My account on the Cube Móvil website.

From Home, go to Payment. Under the Payment history section, you view your last six months of bills.

If you require a bill that is not shown, please contact our Customer Service team

You can view your usage by logging into My account on the Cube Móvil website.

From Home, go to Plan, and your current usage summary will be shown.

You can also view your call history and data history be selecting the relevant options.

If your bill is higher than usual it is possible that you may have exceeded your prepaid allowances for data, calls or texts. Please check your allowances and usage by

If you have not yet registered with Cube Móvil, you can do so here

If you’ve been unable to pay your bill because of an issue with your payment details or technical issue, first please attempt to change your payment method by visiting My account Payment.

If this still does not correct your issue, please contact our Customer Service team